Meet Ken Emechebe who started his eBay shop from his bedroom and now turns over £15 Million a year!

Check out the other online success stories below.

Top eBay SellerKen, 37, started his eBay business as a student in north London. He has become eBay’s largest UK seller with an annual turnover in excess of  £15  million. He sells mobile phone accessories and and electronic gadgets  and became the first UK seller to reach one million items of feedback.

Online Success StoryJames Murray Wells. James needed a new pair of glasses one day and wondered why it was such a problem to buy them online prompting him to start Glasses Direct which now has a net worth of £7.5 Million!

Online MillionairesRobert Nay. At just 14 years old Robert developed an app called Bubble Ball that went on to be hugely successful and now has a net worth of over £2 Million!

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OK I Know What You're Thinking

"...I wouldn't know where to start..."

"...I'm not internet savvy..."

"...I have no idea what to sell..."

"...I know nothing about making money online..."



The Newbies Guide To Starting An Online Business

Video #1: How To Get Started In The Info Products Business (9mins 24sec length)
Video #2: Quick Start Guide To Affiliate Marketing (10mins 04sec length)
Video #3: Selling Software For Fun & Profit (10mins 3sec length)
Video #4: How To Get Started With Membership Sites (7mins 39sec length)
Video #5: eBay - The Evergreen Business Model (10mins 25sec length)
Video #6: Drop Shipping Profits (11mins 51sec length)
Video #7: Intro To CPA Marketing (8mins 21sec length)
Video #8: Craigs List Arbitrage (6mins 36sec length)
Video #9: Outsourcing - A Fundamental Skill For Online Business Owners (5mins 14sec length)
Video #10: YouTube Marketing Basics (9mins 38sec length)

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside…

Video 1 - How To Get Started In The Info Product Business

An introduction to the benefits of selling informational products. Selling info products is truly scalable, whether you receive 1 sale per day or 1000 your workload doesn't increase. Anyone serious about an online business should check this out. (09:24 mins)

Video 2 - Quick Start Guide To Affiliate Marketing

If you've never considered affiliate marketing this video is for you. Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest and cheapest way to start your online business. You don't need your own website or ANY products to become an affiliate and market other peoples products for commission. (10mins 04sec length)

Video 3 - Selling Software For Fun & Profit

Many of the really successful online retailers sell software products but its not as complicated as you may thinks. No programming or development skills needed here, just an eye for what's trending at the moment. (10mins 3sec length)

Video 4 - How To Get Started With Membership Sites

Imagine having a recurring monthly income that keeps growing and growing. Hundreds, maybe even thousands each month in subscriptions coming in even whilst you sleep. Membership sites can do just that. (7mins 39sec length)

Video 5 - eBay - The Evergreen Business Model

Still one of the most popular ways to set up a business online quickly this introduction to eBay will get you started on the right track. (10mins 25sec length)

Video 6 - Drop Shipping Profits

For those who don't know, drop shipping is selling (normally physical) goods that are shipped directly from the warehouse to the customer. You don't have to carry any stock, deal with packaging and posting etc, just market the products and take your profit. Again, a great low cost way to start an online business. (11mins 51sec length)

Video 7 - Intro To CPA Marketing

Cost Per Action (Cost Per Acquisition) is often referred to as pay-per-click on steroids. Learn the basics to making money using CPA. (8mins 21sec length)

Video 8 - Craigs List Arbitrage

A simple method to make money online fast. The basics explained. (6mins 36sec length)

Video 9 - Outsourcing - A Fundamental Skill For Online Business Owners

Anyone running a business online should consider outsourcing. You only have a set number of hours per day and your time is valuable. This video talks about freeing off your time using outsourcing. (5mins 14sec length)

Video 10 - YouTube Marketing Basics

YouTube provides an amazing opportunity to gain masses of traffic (and therefore sales) for your product or service. This intro video is not to be missed. (9mins 38sec length)

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